The Origins of Leap Year

It only happens once every four years, but it’s finally here! Leap year has been around for quite some time, but most people actually don’t know its origins and why it exists. How did the idea of just simply adding a day every four years come around?

In 45 BC, Julius Caeser introduced the Julian Calendar, which rounded the solar calendar to 365.25 days. This number was a bit off, however, as the calendar year is technically 365.242216 days. Yes, I know that it’s not a big difference, but by 1582 it had added up to eleven days! Pope Gregory XIII decided to adjust the actual calendar by eleven days and make a new calendar to adjust for this little mistake made by the Julian Calendar. Now that the Gregorian Calendar is a bit more accurate, we will have one full extra day of error in the next 3,000 years.

Pavilion Grand Hotel took part in Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce’s, Leap of Kindness Day with many other individuals and organizations in the Saratoga community to pay homage to this unique tradition! During Leap of Kindness Day this year, hundreds of people and groups participated by donating things and providing random acts of kindness to others. Pavilion Grand is not done yet though! Throughout the entire month of March, the hotel is donating all linens and towels pulled from their inventory to The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and the Saratoga Animal Shelter, as well as donating volunteer time from their staff! Head over to Pavilion Grand Hotel’s Facebook to see the full post and gallery from #LeapOfKindnessDay!

We look forward to many more unique opportunities to give back the the community at large and to thank all of those who do so much to make Saratoga Springs one of the most desired destinations in the country!

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