5 Tips to Make Your Next Extended Stay Business Trip a Painless One

Traveling for work can be exhausting. Working long hours, foreign surroundings, food on the run, and sleeping in a bed that is not yours are all part of the corporate travelers’ lifestyle. Make travel painless, even fun…Here are some ways to make your next extended stay experience a pleasant one!

1. Consider Your Length of Stay:

While hotels seem like the go-to choice but depending on your length of stay you may want to consider an apartment community. A hotel makes every effort to provide all the comforts of home for their guests. That feeling can last for a few days, maybe a week, however, when you are staying for a month or longer those hotel walls may seem like they are closing in. Luxury apartment complexes allow for the maintenance-free living you get from a hotel with the added perk of feeling like a home rather than just a room. With companies like ExecuStay offering corporate living choices, the experience will feel like the convenience of a hotel with the comforts of lifestyle living.

2. Live Like a Local: Before your trip, do a little research on the community. Cities and towns typically have a local Chamber or Community events website where you can get information and start filling your calendar. Another option could be to visit www.google.com/maps, enter the address of the place you are staying and click “nearby” and select “bars”, “Restaurants” “shopping” or add your own search criteria.

Hint: there is a great app you can download below in Tip #5!

3. Pack Light:

The thought of packing for a month or longer may seem daunting. The stress of trying to think of every possible scenario that may occur and packing accordingly can not only lead to unnecessary packing, but also charges for luggage at the airport due to extreme weight. Remember, a majority of your time will be at work so a majority of the packing should focus on that. Most work clothes can translate to evening looks with minimal changes (jewelry, shoes, jacket). Aside from the work week and evenings out, a pair of jeans, sneakers for your workouts, and “something comfy” for home is all you really need.

Not to mention keeping space available for new items while on your trip – yay shopping!

4. Maintain a healthy standard: While between airports it is easy to sleep less and eat more. However, for those on an extended stay trip, bad habits can become a lifestyle if they are not put in check asap. Seek out healthy, local places to eat and try to avoid the grab-and-go meals. Getting rest and exercise is also important. Apartment communities (and hotels) offer fitness facilities, pools, sports, and classes on site. Take advantage of what is around you. It also helps pass the time when you get out of work and looking for something to do. With the benefits of having a full kitchen in an apartment, the ability to cook a healthy dinner becomes a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

Hint: there may be another great app you can download in Tip #5!

5. There’s an app for that: As promised - we have done our research to bring you some of the best Apps available to today’s traveler, so clear some space on your devises and start downloading!

AroundMe: Allows you to search for the nearest

restaurants, banks, gas stations, or find a movie schedule nearby. TripIt: View your confirmation number on the way to the airport. Get directions to your hotel when you land. It's like having a personal assistant who's one step ahead.

mPassport: direct access to doctors and hospitals in the area – travel colds are the worst!

The Weather Channel: Because weather happens…

Fitness Apps: RunKeeper: explore new surroundings on your runs using this app and your phone’s GPS. GorillaWorkOut: No gym? No Problem! This app creates strength training using the weight of your own body - no equipment required.

SimplyBeing: helps you fall asleep though meditation, sounds of the ocean, or background music.

Book your next extended stay at a luxury apartment community with ExecuStay New York Feel at home when you're away!

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